This video segment, created under the supervision of DuPont/Conoco lawyers, was part of a cover-up designed to prevent the discovery of the true causes for the DuPont/Conoco plane crash and George H. W. Bush’s role in another scandal involving illegal business dealings with Government of Iran. This video, that purportedly describes the causes and circumstances for the plane crash, was inserted into an aviation safety video published by the non-profit Flight Safety Foundation, Inc. to which both DuPont and Conoco continue to give large, tax-deductible contributions.

This intentionally misleading analysis of the causes for the plane (”November two zero four Charlie” -- N204C) crash was exposed to the Flight Safety Foundation board in Additional Causes For CFIT Revealed By The 1991 DuPont G-II Crash In Malaysia (FSF Video Report) The report pointed out numerous errors and omissions in the DuPont/Conoco video, including misleading editing of the portions of the N204C cockpit voice recorder (CVR) recording (N204C CVR) excerpted for the video.

It has been recently discovered that DuPont/Conoco agents stole the original CVR recording from the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) soon after the plane crash to prevent the NTSB from conducting sophisticated computer analysis of the pilot’s voice just before the crash. Because the NTSB had recently used computer “speech analysis” techniques to establish that Captain Hazelwood had been intoxicated prior to grounding the Exxon Valdez, the companies’ lawyers feared that the NTSB would discover and report that the pilot of the DuPont/Conoco plane, was intoxicated at the time of the plane crash.